Celebrating Dads

Father’s Day will look a little different for many families this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the day special and fun.

You can find our compiled list of simple ideas, and freebies below.

If, like me, you haven’t had much headspace as yet to think through any grand plans for the celebrations – perhaps some of the simple ideas below might help.


First up … a couple of crafty but really easy ideas to make him something special:

1. We’ve put together this FREE, printable ‘My Hero’ Questionnaire – which you can download, fill in, and give to Dad to treasure forever.
(Alternatively you could also video the kids giving their answers, which would be very cute!) 

2. These Colouring pages by Rachel Castle are also beautiful, easy and make gorgeous art to frame later.

3. Make some favourite biscuits, slice or a cake for him. You can find some easy, kid-friendly recipes, here.

4. Make a Chatterbox – with questions and compliments about Dad in the middle.

5. Set up a simple treasure hunt for Dad – with little notes or treats hidden around for him to find.

6. Create your own wrapping paper, using crayons, paint or drawings.

7. Make Printable Coupons for Dad. We created these last year, but they can easily be used again! Colour and fill them in however you like! 😊

… An uninterrupted sleep-in, a week free of doing dishes … this list is endless and you can totally personalise it to suit the Dad in your life.
You can download and print this for free, here


If you’re lucky enough to live with Dad and spend time with him on Father’s Day, here are some ways you can simply celebrate at home.

  1. Do a silly photoshoot
    Dig up old costumes and get dad and the kids together for a photoshoot. The little ones will love to contribute to the hair and make-up for dad, and you will have a free, fun gift that you’ll remember forever.

  2. Complete a Lego Challenge together
    There are loads of free Lego challenges available via a quick Google search, such as this one.
  1. Plan a backyard picnic
    Put in a grocery order for his favourite foods and plan an afternoon or evening picnic. You can pack sandwiches, finger foods and his drink of choice. Pull a big blanket (or two) out of the linen closet, lay it across the grass, and enjoy.

  2. Camp in the backyard
    You can still make an adventure out of Father’s Day — just go camping in the backyard. Light a fire, set up a tent, tell stories, and do some stargazing.

And here are some way for getting creative with a virtual Father’s Day, for older Dads especially, if you can’t see him in person. Here are some ideas we found:

  1. Gather Family for a Zoom Call
    A big family video chat is a great way to stay safe while also celebrating the distant father figures in your life.

  2. Have a virtual dinner party or cocktail
    Arrange for his favourite restaurant to deliver a surprise dinner and share a meal over video chat. Or, if dinner requires too much coordination, why not share a cocktail? You can mix up a couple of drinks and lay out some snacks to nibble, while you catch up with him virtually.

  3. Watch a movie together
    Schedule a time to watch one of his favourite movies together over video chat. Some streaming platforms, including Netflix, also allow you to create “watch parties” for movies and shows.

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