Valentine’s Day Chatterbox Printable

Roses are red, violets are blue.

Here’s a little something from us to you!

We’ve got a lovely way for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Yep, we’re really just a bunch of old-fashioned romantics. Our chatterbox printable has been left blank, for you to use it just the way you like. Fill in your own special messages for a partner, friend or your little ones. Simply download, print and create, then enjoy!

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Follow these easy-peasy instructions to create your very own Valentine’s Day Chatterbox Printable.

  1. Print out your Valentine’s Day Chatterbox Printable
  2. Cut along the dotted lines so your chatterbox becomes a square
  3. Fill in the blank spaces with your messages of love. Need some inspo? Have a look below. 👇
  4. Fold the chatterbox in half, pressing hard to sharpen the edges
  5. Open the chatterbox and fold it in half the other way, pressing it flat
  6. Take each corner folding it in to the centre of the chatterbox
  7. Flip the chatterbox and repeat step 5, folding each corner in to the centre
  8. Fold the chatterbox in half
  9. Slide your thumbs and forefingers under the 4 folds and push them into the centre
  10. Time to play! Choose a picture, then a number to receive your special message.


Need some message inspo?

❤️  I’ve been thinking about you

❤️  I love you to the moon and back

❤️  Give me a smooch

❤️  Let’s cuddle

❤️  Be my Valentine

❤️  Know what I like about you? Everything!

❤️  Right from the start, you stole my heart

❤️  So many smiles begin with you

However you’re spending your Valentine’s Day this year, just enjoy an excuse to celebrate love. We’re sending so much love out to you, our loyal customers. 😍


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