Father’s Day Made Simple

Every year when we set out to create our Father’s Day Collection, we channel elements of our team into the pieces.

We are, after all, a family owned and run business – with the entire male side of the team made up of dads.

Dads who love photos of kids pulling awkward faces and not sitting still. Dads who tell bedtime stories with alternate endings. Dads who enjoy piggyback rides and the cute ways children mispronounce words. Dads who appreciate the imperfections of family in all their “realness”.

Dads who deserve to be spoiled!

Which is why we’ve made sure this year’s Father’s Day Collection has a piece for every one of these heroes.

And if you’re looking to put together a little selection of treats for the men in your life who deserve a special treat, we thought we might be able to help out.

A great way to pick presents is to choose a theme, or something you know he’s interested in, and put some related goodies together.

Here are some Dad-gift-packs (including an item or two from our own range, naturally!) you can throw together easily or use to inspire your own creation.

For Beer-Buffs



Bottle Opener Keytag; Bamboo Coaster Set; Personalised Leather Keytag;
• Six-pack of favourite beer or cider…
• (Beer glass/mug, stubby holder, packet of nuts, home brew kit…)

For Car-Enthusiasts


Personalised Leather Keytag; Luxe Photo Key-tag;
• Car-care products, chamois, lollies
• (Tool kit, subscription to car mag, mini Matchbox sports car…)

For Gardeners

DSC_0828 small.jpg

Personalised Bamboo Plaque (ie: ‘Pa’s Shed’); Bamboo Photo Card; Personalised Leather Keytag;
• Planter box, gardening gloves, packets of seeds, seedlings/potplants…
• (Plant labels, pots, trowel, secateurs, seedling tray, gardening book, gardening mag subscription…)

For Outdoorsy-Types


Leather Key Case; Luxe Photo Keytag; Personalised Leather Keytag;
• Warm socks, enamel mug, lollies/trail-mix…
• (Beanie, gloves, camp chair, travel guide…)


For Fishermen


Polaroid Photo Magnet; Personalised Leather Keytag;
• Tackle box, lures, lollies, warm socks, enamel mug…
• (Thermos, fishing tackle, camp chair, fishing book, beanie, filleting knife…)

For Book-Lovers


• Books…
• (Book shop gift voucher…)

For Techies/Photographers

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Mini Wood Print; Polaroid Photo Card; Personalised Photo Keytag;
• (USB stick, memory card, headphones, camera bag, lens cleaning kit..)

For Traditionalists


Any Arlo & Co Father’s Day Product
• Socks, lollies, mug….
• (Leather belt, tie, jocks, movie/DVD, music/CD, book, magazine subscription…)


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