Celebrating the Wins

We’re going to the finals!

Telstra Business Awards + Online Retail Industry Awards, 2018

It’s been another week of pinching-ourselves-moments, and I wanted to share with you. Because, sometimes, I feel like it’s important to sneak you guys in to our little world behind the scenes, too. To all the grit and the glory – scrambled in to a small-biz life of learning, trying, innovating, and sometimes: succeeding.

Behind the scenes of Arlo & Co products and people,  life has been hectic these past few months. We’re had sickness, surgery, home renovations, and the training of new (totes amazing, btw) staff members. It’s been wonderful, and busy.  But then, this week, amidst all the crazy of our Mid Year Sale – we had the most exciting news…


Australia Post has announced the Online Retailer Industry Awards finalists, and we’re completely thrilled to be finalists in the following three categories:

  • Best Bootstrapped Growth Initiative
  • Best Social Commerce Initiative
  • People’s Choice (Small Retailer) – (all thanks to YOUR votes! Thank you so, so much!)

These awards are absolutely *the best* recognition of online retail, and this makes it two years in a row that Arlo & Co have been recognised by these awards – (since our 3+years-ago-beginning) – and so it’s a huge honour to be listed amongst the best online stores in the country.

As a small team, and a family business squeezed in amongst the chaos of raising two small girls, we run Arlo & Co 100% independently, and very much with our hearts as well as our heads. And while we receive beautiful feedback from our customers daily (which is more important than anything, I should note) … when our work is measured, recognised and celebrated by the best of the best in industry awards: that really is something to celebrate.

And to top this off? The big kahuna. Yesterday, we were announced at Victorian Finalists in the biggest business awards in the country – the 2018 Telstra Business Awards – for the Small & Succeeding category.  This is truly the stuff of small business dreams.

TBA0051-Sate-Final-Tiles-v3Facebook-&-Linkedin_-VIC--small-&-succeeding copy

The Telstra Business Awards, and the Online Retail Industry Awards, are the top of the pops. Both have spent a collective 35+ years perfecting the art of discovering and empowering Aussie game-changers who are innovative, take risks, create a unique – and exceptional – experience for their customers, and build something special.

And as we prepare for the two gala dinners for each of these award ceremonies (hellloooo fancy dresses!) – at the end of the month  – where the winners will be announced, we are proud, inspired and grateful. Damian and I, and our little team, are remembering that we can climb to new heights and do great things, even while solidly focusing on just giving the best unique products, and the best service possible … from our humble little studio in Melbourne’s east.

So, I just wanted to say thanks. It’s been a big month. Heck: a big almost-four-years! A huge, heartfelt, loving thank you, not only to our small but mighty team, but also to YOU guys: The incredible customers who repeatedly support our dream. Thank you for voting for us, supporting us, cheering us on, and encouraging us daily with your messages, your orders, your word-spreading, and your enthusiasm for what we do. Because none of this happens without you!

Thank you so much.

xx Gem


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