Meet the team: Cassy

Say ‘hey’ to Cass. She’s our Production Assistant behind the scenes at Arlo & Co, she is the. loveliest. person, and you can find out a little more about her, below. 🙂

(Don’t forget, you can catch up on any staff profiles you may have missed, plus the rest of the blog, here. Enjoy!)

cassy 2

Cassy: Eagle Eye, Process Queen, Wine and Cheese Fanatic, Sensitive Soul, Stealth Stair Climber, Lover of Dogs

Cassy has been a regular fixture around the place for a while now. Since late 2017, she has worked as Production Coordinator, based in our workshop, but with plenty of trips up and down the stairs to liaise with Soph and Nat in Customer Care.

Cassy is all about customer satisfaction, overseeing production of our personalised products meticulously. She takes beautiful care of all the products as they move through the different stages from design, to production, wrapping and dispatch. Cassy has a beautiful calm nature, which she maintains despite the challenges of being the cog that keeps all the wheels turning!

If ever Cassy has a sick day, you can be fairly sure it’s to care for her thrill-seeking, bone-breaking partner, rather than herself! Gem and Damian’s little girls obviously pick up on Cassy’s caring vibe, as she’s always the first to get cuddles when they pop by for a visit. It’s this family-oriented vibe and awesome team at Arlo & Co that Cassy loves so much.

As for her favourite product? Any of the photos printed on bamboo or birch, for the beautiful grain that comes through the image. And the best part? Getting to see the amazing photos you guys take of your products upon receiving them.

Cassy’s fast four:

  1. Visit anywhere in the world? I would happily travel everywhere if I could. If I had to choose one, Alaska is high on the list for the Northern Lights.
  2. Guilty pleasure? Red wine and cheese.
  3. Special skill? Consuming wine and cheese.
  4. Pet peeve? I’ll give you one guess…when the wine and cheese runs out!

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