Our take on Mother’s Day

long shot

As Mother’s Day draws near, our studio is flooded. There are so many beautiful pieces – brought to life with the photographs and words of loved ones across the country.

So – back here – as a small team made of many women – we’ve taken a moment to reflect on Mother’s Day, Motherhood, and what this day of celebration really means to us.

At every touch point, Motherhood is central to Arlo & Co.

We’re a small business that, in fact, was born from Motherhood. Because back in the beginning, in 2014 – as I cradled an 8 week old, and tried desperately to amuse my 18 month old – Arlo & Co was born from a desire to marry both my new chapter of Motherhood, while remaining tuned to my own creativity, my own autonomy, and my own sense of self.

For us, Mother’s Day is about so much more than Hallmark cards and our biological right to breakfast in bed on that Sunday morning in May.

As we see it, ‘Mother’s Day’ is just as much about Womanhood and nurturing. The two go hand in hand so naturally.

And as we reflect on our own mothers, and our own mothering,  we can’t help but know that ‘Mother’s Day’ is about so much more than our births. There is, of course, a myriad of women who may not carry the biological tie of motherhood – but who, nonetheless, embody its essence.

We notice all of them. Each of them, and they inspire us.

Which is why, back here, we’re committed to rejoicing in the multiple women-nurturers who support and influence a little one’s life – grandmothers, aunties, teachers, carers, neighbours, friends – they are all are so very precious and important.

This day … it’s for all of us.

So let’s cherish and honour all women, who love and care for all others. And who are travelling their own nurturing journeys. Those right in the midst of raising babes. Those in the throes of loss and pain. And those who might just be beginning to contemplate Motherhood.

You are beautiful and you are enough.

And those little – or not so little – people you care so much for? They really do notice, and feel safe and provided for. Their little hearts are thankful for you.

Feel loved and celebrated this Mother’s Day. Find solace in the knowledge that you’re doing your best, and be assured you’re in good company!


For personalised and meaningful gifts – for all the women who contribute to the journey of parenting – see our Arlo & Co Mother’s Day Collection, here.


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