Fun Easter Craft Activities

I don’t know about your kids, but my girls are super into art and craft. So, Easter is another excuse to let them have free reign with a paintbrush and some stick-on googly eyes! To simplify your lives, I’ve rounded up a bunch of straightforward but gorgeous crafty activities you can do with your little ones in the lead up to Easter. Generate some excitement as they wait for a visit from the Bunny!

For littles (the under 3s):

Handprint Bunnies

You can find this super-sweet Easter craft activity at Pinkie for Pink. Just paint one of your child’s hands white – except for the thumb – and place it down on coloured paper. Once it’s dry, transform it into the Easter Bunny by adding facial features in contrasting colours with a paintbrush.

bunny handprint
Pic credit: Pinkie for Pink

Fingerprint Bunnies and Chicks

Lovely and simple for the littlest people at your house, these Fingerprint Bunnies and Chicks from Sarahndipities make beautiful pieces of Easter artwork or greeting cards (perfect for grandparents or your kids’ little friends). The equipment is simple – paper, a stamp pad, a marker and little fingers!

thumbprint art
Pic credit: Sarahndipities

For mediums (kinder age):

Foam Cup Bunny

These little pink bunnies from I Heart Crafty Things make gorgeous little Easter decorations. Spend the arvo with your babes crafting some of these, then use them to decorate the table for Easter lunch.

bunny cup
Pic credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Painted Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are so easy to come by and serve as a perfect blank canvas for little artists. Once the cartons are decorated, they can even be used to store eggs for a gorgeous Easter gift. You can find this fun tutorial at Design Mom.

egg carton
Pic credit: Design Mom

For bigs (school kids):

Easter Egg Jars

It may not be scientifically proven, but we like to think Easter eggs taste even better when they come from cute duck and bunny jars! Test the theory for yourself by making these sweet jars from Crazy Little Projects with your bigger kids.

chick jar
Pic credit: Crazy Little Projects

Foil Easter Eggs

Give your kids a chance to let their creativity shine, with this shiny Easter craft activity from I Heart Crafty Things. With just cardboard, foil, and different coloured permanent markers on hand, your big kids can create these fabulous Foil Eggs that look amazing as Easter decorations.

tinfoil eggs
Pic credit: I Heart Crafty Things

We hope you enjoy getting creative with these easy Easter craft activities. Let us know your fave in the comments below, or if you’ve got a fabulous one to share with the Arlo & Co community.

bunny footprint

If you were lucky enough to snap up our free Easter Bunny Footprint Stencil gift, we can’t wait to see the piccies of your magical footprints! [A little reminder: to use the stencil, simply add a sprinkle of flour or glitter to create Easter Bunny footprint magic across the floor. Yay!] Oh, and be sure to tag us in your snaps. We hope you just loved this little gift, from us to you.

Happy Easter! x


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