Happy International Women’s Day!


March 8 is officially recognised as International Women’s Day across the globe. The day is a celebration of the vast achievements of women, and a call-to-action to progress gender parity. So, wear a pop of purple, the official colour of the day, and get ready to celebrate all the rocking women in your world.

Celebrate Yourself

Start IWD right by doing something kind for yourself. Tell the future you about all the awesome things you’re doing right now, or send yourself some words of encouragement. You can do this at futureme.org where this clever little site will send your letter on any date you choose.

Celebrate Women in the Arts

Celebrate the significant contributions of women in the arts by visiting a local museum or gallery this IWD and viewing artwork by women. Or, visit a local bookshop or library and get your hands on a new read by a female author.

Send Flowers

When was the last time you sent a special woman in your world flowers? Treat your mum, best girlfriend, nana, auntie or work colleague to a posy of gorgeous blooms. Deliver them yourself, or utilise one of the many fantastic online delivery options.

Send a Positive Text

When was the last time you sent someone a little pick-me-up or affirmation text message? Be honest. It’s so lovely to receive kind words, whether they be in a letter, email, text or post-it notes all over your work desk. Find a few friends in your contact list and send them a message that will make their day.

Make a Donation

Donate money or time to your favourite women’s charity. Find a cause that matters to you personally, and donate what you can. Even a seemingly small contribution can have a big impact.

Have a Movie Marathon

Spend an evening with your favourite cinematic females, alongside your favourite girlfriends. You can even turn it into a fundraising event for IWD.

Educate Yourself

Today is a great day to learn about women who’ve done awesome things in the pursuit of equal rights for women. So, head to Google (checking out the special IWD banner while you’re there) and look out for Emmaline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks or Amelia Earhart, to get you started.

Spread the Word

Write a blog or Instagram post about what IWD means to you and get an important conversation started online.

Give the Gift of Ultimate Pampering

Not just a godsend for a new mum, this kind of pampering would make any busy woman swoon. It’s simple. Turn up with a takeaway coffee and make yourself useful for an hour – pop on some washing, do some dishes, clean the bathroom, hold the baby – whatever! Just make sure she’s got her feet up for 60 whole minutes.

Wood Print by Arlo & Co

With 24 hours dedicated to celebrating inspiring women, you’ve got plenty of time to sprinkle kindness around like confetti. To you, and to all those who have influenced and energised you, Happy International Women’s Day!



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