Meet the team: Soph

Here we are already, at instalment three in our ‘Meet the Team’ series. Today you’ll meet the yang to Nat’s ying, Customer Service Superstar Soph. If you’re lucky enough to meet this legend in person, you’re almost guaranteed a hug and a spot of nutrition advice. Here’s Soph…

(P.S. If you missed our post with Founders Gem and Damian, you can find it here. If you’d love to read about our other Customer Care guru, Nat, you can find that post here.)


Soph: Customer Care Superstar, Mum of Identical and Identically-Dressed Twin Girls, Wife, Fitness Guru, Sun Lover, Recipe Queen

We meet Soph just as she’s about to celebrate her 1 year work anniversary with Arlo & Co. Working alongside Nat in Customer Care, the two of them fit together like peas and carrots, or cheese and crackers (gluten free for Soph). She’s happiest when chatting with you guys to design custom orders, answer your queries and helping out any way she can. Soph’s warm nature will even have you feeling like you’ve made a new friend on the other end of the phone.

After assessing the temperature in the office each morning (climate control is super important to this hot blooded lady), Soph spends the day working with her ‘homegirl’ Nat on emails, phone calls, and helping out in the workshop (read: impressing the crew with her epic dance moves). She doesn’t think of herself as particularly design savvy, but we know better. We’ve seen the fab outfits she puts together for the twins, not to mention the fact that her fave Arlo & Co products are the Supersized Mirror Name Plaque and Round Bag Tag. This girl’s got good taste.

Prior to coming on board here, Soph worked at Woolworths for many years. She was in need of a change and had been looking for just the right opportunity. The Customer Care role came up and, after a successful application and interview, Soph was thrilled to join the Arlo & Co team. She has relished the role, even the challenging aspects such as putting together custom pieces, which is so rewarding.

The best thing about working at Arlo & Co? Being able to work within her daughters’ school hours. Soph’s gorgeous 5 year-old twins have just started prep, and it’s important to her that she drop and pick them up each day. She also loves the energy of the team here, dubbing her colleagues ‘super cool people’. We’ll take that, Soph. Oh, and happy anniversary! We’re so happy you’re here! X

Soph’s fast five:

  1. Visit anywhere in the world? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando (one day!)
  2. Guilty pleasure? Nachos and Magnum Almond Tub Ice cream
  3. Describe yourself in 3 words? Outgoing, dramatic, loving
  4. Last book you read? Cassandra Clare ‘The Clockwork Angel’
  5. Pet peeve? When my husband doesn’t hang up the tea towel. Like, dude! 
  6. IMG_2079i

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