Meet the Team: Natalie

Welcome to the second instalment in our ‘Meet the Team’ series. Today you’ll meet indispensable team member Natalie, one of our two Customer Service Superstars. She arrived at Arlo & Co in its very early startup days, quickly becoming Gem’s right-hand woman. Enjoy!

(P.S. If you missed our post with Founders Gem and Damian, make sure you pop back and have a read here when you’re done.)


Natalie: Customer Care Coordinator, Mum of Boys, True Crime Podcast Aficionado, Nature Lover, Wife, All-Round Lovely Lady

Picture this. It’s late 2015 and the Arlo & Co Christmas rush is underway. It’s now a year into the business that began as Gem’s hobby, but things have escalated. Working from their home with orders completely taking over most rooms, Gem and Damian are in serious need of an extra pair of hands.

Enter Nat. The interview is conducted in the lounge room, where she wows Gem with her strong customer service background (mobile phone sales, Personal Assistant at Penguin Books, property manager), and most of all, her beautiful manner. Nat is promptly offered a job.

Bringing Nat on board ‘totally changed everything’, says Gem. ‘She’s never allowed to leave, ever!’ Nat got to work in the office at the back of the house, which was Arlo & Co HQ back then, answering the phone and responding to emails. She also began to create and introduce systems and procedures which really transformed the operations of Arlo & Co from backyard biz to serious player.

And all this was just over two years ago. While the essence of Nat’s role hasn’t changed, the day-to-day has, with an influx of emails and social media communication, such as Facebook messages taking up a significant part of her work day. Many of you have come to know and love Nat, especially those of you who have been ordering with us for several years. You know her for her bubbly nature and can-do attitude; and we know her for this, as well as her slippers under the desk and penchant for Coke Zero. Now our Customer Care Coordinator, Nat also works on custom orders with customers, sorts out urgent orders and occasionally lends a hand in the workshop. All this with a smile on her face.

The best thing about working at Arlo & Co? The opportunity to work in a caring environment with happy, supportive colleagues. Not to mention, Nat can get to work in just 5 minutes after school drop-off in the morning. The family friendly office hours suit her perfectly and provide her with the work/life balance she really craved.

Nat’s fast five:

  1. Visit anywhere in the world? Iceland, Canada, US, England, everywhere!
  2. Guilty pleasure? Coke Zero and mini packs of potato chips
  3. Describe yourself in 3 words? Friendly, empathetic, hard-working 
  4. Last book you read? The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes, in March last year. Oh dear!
  5. Favourite Arlo & Co product? I love so many of them, but my absolute favourite are the Birthday Boards. I love the way they are created from the ideas of each individual customer. I also wish I’d had them for my boys when they were little.


Have a message (or question) for Nat?

Pop it in a comment below and we’ll make sure it gets to her. 🙂

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh Nat! What a super star you are!


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