Free Lunch Note Printables

After a long hot summer, it’s back to school and kindy for many of us with babes, this week. While you may have been very ready to drop the kids back for the new year, perhaps you’re missing them a little bit too!

A lovely idea to brighten their day and let them know you’re thinking of them, is to pop little notes in your children’s lunchboxes. Your notes could be funny or inspiring, or even a sneaky way to encourage them to eat their lunch! Pop one in each week, or even each day if you’re feeling keen.

Free Lunch note printables

Who doesn’t love a little surprise note? Here are 5 creative DIY ideas to get you started.

Banana message

This one is super easy and a little bit magical! Use a toothpick to write a secret message on the skin ofthe banana. As the banana browns, the message will be revealed. Ooooh!

Encouraging words

Perfect for times of transition, like the start of a new year, inspiring quotes may be just what your child needs to feel more confident about their day. Just imagine what you might say to them if they were feeling nervous or anxious and pop those words into a note.

A-word-a-day message

Reveal weekend plans with a message that is unveiled with one word each day. Keep the plans themselves for the final card, to build suspense (and give you the freedom to change your mind at the last minute!).

lunch notes 2

Fun facts

Kids just love learning random fun facts, which sets them up perfectly for the adult world of pub trivia and Trivial Pursuit. There is so much trivia to be uncovered online, so just pick topics you think your little one will love. This can also encourage conversation, as they share their newfound knowledge with their classmates.

Puzzle note

Choose a favourite picture of you and your child and print a copy. Cut the picture into smaller pieces for them to assemble at lunchtime, popping them into a snaplock bag to keep them clean and dry.

Enjoy creating your own lunchbox notes for your little ones this term. You can also have some fun with our ready-to-go free printable encouragement notes.

Just CLICK HERE to get started!

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